Cyntoia Brown release: US woman serving life sentence for murdering man who paid her for sex as a teen is granted clemency

An American woman serving a life sentence for murdering a man who paid her for sex as a teen has been granted clemency after celebrities including Rihanna and Kim Kardashian fought for her release.

Tennessee governor Bill Haslam said he would show mercy to Cyntoia Brown, 30, by releasing her on August 7. She will remain on parole for 10 years.

Brown said in a statement that she will do everything to justify Mr Haslam’s faith in her and thanked her family for their support.

Rihanna and other celebrities have previously voiced their support for Brown and Kim Kardashian West tweeted “thank you Governor Haslam” after the clemency was announced. 

Brown has been fighting her life sentence for the 2004 murder of a man who paid her for sex and showed her a collection of guns after she was allegedly forced into prostitution. She was 16 years old when she shot him dead.

She told police she had been living in hotels for a number of months with a man she referred to as “Cut-Throat.”

She went on to detail their physically and emotionally abusive relationship, referencing how he repeatedly called her a “whore” and that nobody would want her “but him.”

Brown claims he eventually forced her into prostitution. Her lawyers said she was a sex trafficking victim and feared for her life.

Despite her age, Brown was tried in adult court. Prosecutors argued that her real motive was robbery, since she took Allen’s wallet after she murdered him.

Brown was charged with first-degree felony murder and aggravated robbery and sentenced to two concurrent life sentences.

Lawmakers have since pointed out the laws in Tennessee have changed since Brown was first convicted. 

According to the New York Times, under trafficking laws and laws governing juvenile offenders now in place in Tennessee, it would have been more difficult for Brown to have been tried as an adult. 

Her life story and the criminal justice system in the United States is the focus of a recently released documentary.

It details her life with a past dominated by violence at the hands of men.

The case was thrust into the spotlight after celebrities such as Rihanna calling for her release. 

Sharing a picture of Cyntoia on her Instagram, Rihanna wrote: “Something is horribly wrong when the system enables these rapists and the victim is thrown away for life!

“To each of your responsible for this child’s sentence I hope to God you don’t have children, because this could be your daughter being punished for punishing already!”

Pictured in Harrods: Serial fraudster who bragged about shopping trip just days before his arrest over claims he lost sister in Grenfell tragedy to scam £35,000 is jailed for five years

  • Abolaji Onafuye claimed to be the brother of Zainab Deen who died with her son 
  • Father of-five was put up at a top London hotel and racked up bill of over £35k
  • The 54-year-old said he must have been ‘hallucinating’ when he made his claims
  • He posted photos on Facebook posing with Harrods purchases and sports cars 

Nigerian father of-five Abolaji Onafuye, 54, claimed Zainab Deen, 32, who perished in the blaze was his sister and he was sharing a flat with her.

The serial conman who clamed he was ‘a model for the community’ was put up at one of London‘s top hotels and racked up a total bill of more than £35,000.

After he claimed thousands of pounds from taxpayers Onafuye posted dozens of photographs of himself shopping at Harrods on his social media profile.

He grinned as he posed with large purchases made at the high-end Knightsbridge store and boasted of enjoying holidays and trips in sports cars.

In one image posted on Facebook he smirked as he held up a pair of £245 slippers. 

Onafuye later admitted he was not staying at the tower block and said he must have been ‘hallucinating’ when he claimed he was.

He then said he was still due compensation because he had seen people screaming for help in the burning building.

But his cell site evidence from his phone showed he was nowhere near he scene.

Local taxpayers in Kensington and Chelsea footed the £23,500 bill for Onafuye’s stay at the four-star Grosvenor Hotel in Buckingham Palace Road.

Onafuye received another £13,000 in living costs after he was moved to a flat in Hammersmith – where two bedroom apartments can cost up to £500,000. 

Giving evidence he claimed he was hallucinating when he told police he lived there.

‘I was temporarily insane because I was fasting when I was arrested,’ he said.

But a jury at Isleworth Crown Court convicted Onafuye of two counts of fraud by false representation between 21 June last year and 7 June this year.

The court heard that he has been in custody since he was arrested on June 7 of this year.

Onafuye sacked his defence barrister Deshpal Panesar at the beginning of today’s sentencing proceedings at Isleworth Crown Court.

He requested another defence barrister on legal aid but his request was refused by the judge.

The court heard that Panesar was Onafuye’s second defence barrister, his first having declared ‘professional embarrassment’ at a pre-trial hearing. 

The judge ruled that Onafuye represent himself in mitigation.

Ben Holt, prosecuting, said: ‘We do say that he had spent some time in the area of the fire after the fire.

He could not have plucked those names out of thin air.’

Onafuye maintained that it was not a fraud that was sustained over a length of time.

But Judge Giles Curtis Raleigh said: ‘This was not opportunisic there is evidence that you were in the area for a considerable length of time.’

The judge said: ‘I accept the prosecution figure of £33,000 – which I take to be a conservative estimate.’

The court heard that Onafuye had previous convictions for fraud.

He used a stolen Northern Rock Building society pass book to attempt to transfer £10,000 into a computer company account to obtain equipment on June 10 1995.

Onafuye was also convicted of pretending to be an estate agent with properties to rent on January 12 2012.

He said: ‘He took the deposits and people lost their money there were two counts for two victims.’

In an impact statement Zainab Deen’s father Zainu Deen said Onafuye’s claims created issues between him and Zainab’s mother.

He said: ‘It brought up issues and possible mistrust and concerns between my wife and I.’

He told the court that his wife, who does not speak English, visited England for four weeks after their daughter died.

‘The police needed to take a statement from her too about this man and it took up a full day of her visit as she needed an interpreter,’ he said.

‘I can’t believe that anyone would use these tragic events to their benefit.

‘I am angry, cross, confused and incredibly frustrated.

‘These men have made our pain worse, much worse.’

Onafuye told the court: ‘I did not say to anybody that I am her brother.

‘I did not mean to cause anybody any distress.’

In personal mitigation, Onafuye told the court: ‘My mother who is nearly 80 years old depends on me financially and morally.

‘Although I have previous convictions I don’t want you to look at that I want you to look to what I have achieved since then.’

He told the court that he had studied law in Nigeria and had even completed a masters degree.

The fraudster told the court:’I have been a role model for the community.’

Judge Raleigh told the defendant: ‘Hypocritically you pretended to cry when police interviewed you.

‘You denounced the genuine victims of flat 84 in Grenfell Tower.

‘And you have continued the lies up to and throughout this trial.

‘In the trial you sought to blame the police and even the sought to blame the very people who assisted you and were in the business of assisting the genuine victims of the fire.

‘You have shown not a shred of remorse throughout these proceedings.’

The judge jailed him for five years.

On June 21 of last year the Grenfell fraudster attended the Westway support centre and told volunteer, Rica Smirk he was staying in Flat 84. 

He filled out a Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea assessment form with the help of the volunteer.

Onafuye said Ms Deen was his sister and her two year old son Jeremiah was his nephew.

But when he was arrested for fraud he told police: ‘When I was saying I lived in Grenfell Tower in my police interview I was not in the right frame of mind. It was a hallucination.’

Onafuye said the council officers must have incorrectly filled in the forms he handed in.

In court he insisted the cell site evidence which showed he was nowhere near the flats must have been incorrect.

‘I am sorry for the families it happened but something happened to me too,’ he said.

‘I suffered mental trauma. I suffered. Why do you think that I hadn’t finished my university course. I suffered a depressive collapse.’

Asked whether he had seen a doctor about this, Onafuye replied ‘No.’

The court also heard how Onafuye had registered his NatWest bank account to the address.

But he blamed a mistake by the bank because ‘there was no motive, not rationale to do this.’

14 people have now been convicted of fraud over the Grenfell Fire disaster.

 Sharife Elouahbi 

The 38-year-old, claimed to be living with a family of five on the 21st floor of the west London apartment block.

He was given £300 a week in food expenses and was put up in three different hotels, which were funded by the Grenfell disaster fund, before getting kicked out of two for breaking the rules.

The career criminal had 28 previous convictions, including stealing pictures of singer Will Young in drag to sell them to the press, robbery and assault.

Elouahbi was due to receive further resettlement payments worth another £14,730 towards a flat and free utilities before he was caught by police.

He was jailed for six years at Isleworth Crown Court after becoming the thirteenth person to be convicted of ‘Grenfell fraud’ and the person to steal the most from the fund set up to support victims of the fire that killed 72 people last June.

Abolaji Onafuye

The Nigerian father-of-five claimed Zainab Deen, 32, who perished in the blaze was his sister and he was sharing a flat with her.

He was put up at one of London‘s top hotels and racked up a total bill of more than £35,000.

Onafuye later admitted he was not staying at the tower block and said he must have been ‘hallucinating’ when he claimed he was. 

Local taxpayers in Kensington and Chelsea footed the £23,500 bill for Onafuye’s stay at the four-star Grosvenor Hotel in Buckingham Palace Road.

Onafuye received another £13,000 in living costs after he was moved to a flat in Gorleston Street, Hammersmith – where two bedroom apartments can cost up to £500,000.

A jury at Isleworth Crown Court convicted Onafuye of two counts of fraud by false representation between 21 June last year and 7 June this year.

Koffi Kouakou

This west Londoner lied about his girlfriend dying in the Grenfell tragedy to swindle the council out of thousands of pounds meant for real survivors. 53-year-old Koffi Kouakou of Westfield Close, Coleridge Gardens claimed he had been living in the tower with his girlfriend, an occupant who died in the tragic fire.

Following his claimed Kensington and Chelsea Council put him up in a hotel for two months before re-homing him in council accommodation.

The council spent more than £30,000 on accommodation for Kouakou who was found to be lying following a Metropolitan Police investigation.

Police confirmed Kouakou had not been living in Grenfell Tower and that he had not been in a relationship with the woman.

He pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation at Isleworth Crown Court on October 17 and was jailed for four years.

Mohammed Syed Rinku

Illegal immigrant Mohammed Syed Rinku, claimed he was in a relationship with a Grenfell Tower Fire victim to try and stay in the country.

The 46-year-old applied to stay in the UK and received more than £5,000 in support while his claims were investigated.

He was found to be lying to try and stay in the country and charged with fraud as well as being ordered to pay back £4,044.36.

Rinku, who is of no fixed address, was jailed for 18 months at Isleworth Crown Court on October 9.

Abdelkarim Rekaya

The 28-year-old conned Kensington and Chelsea Council out of more than £80,000 in financial support after claiming he was a Grenfell Tower resident and had been made homeless by the tragic fire on June 17 last year.

He was re-homed at an address in Lots Road, Fulham where he lived rent free and without paying bills until July 1, 2018 when enquiries found his story was false and that he had never lived in Grenfell Tower.

He pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation and obtaining leave to remain by deception at Isleworth Crown Court on September 21.

Rekaya, of Lots Road, has been remanded to be sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on November 27.

Jenny McDonagh

Last month the former Kensington and Chelsea Council finance minister admitted to stealing more than £60,000 meant for Grenfell Tower victims.

The 39-year-old took the money meant for survivors using pre-paid credit cards, despite having no personal connection to the tragedy, which she used to fund trips to Dubai and Los Angeles, expensive dinners and online gambling.

She was charged with two counts of fraud by abuse of position, one count of theft by an employee and one count of money laundering.

McDonagh who was described in court as a ‘serial fraudster’ who ‘lived beyond her means’ has been bailed and a sentencing date has yet to be set.

She was jailed for five and a half years on September 28.

Derrick Peters

Homeless Derrick Peters, 58, lied about living in Grenfell Tower to get a shorter sentence for burglary.

He was put behind bars after falsely telling a judge he had lost all his belongings in the blaze.

His lies meant he put up in free four-star hotel accommodation worth £38,784, courtesy of Kensington and Chelsea Council .

Now Peters, who pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud and perverting the course of justice will spend the next six years in jail.

This includes a three year and four month sentence for two counts of fraud by false representation, 20 months for one count of perverting the course of justice and 12 months after being resentenced for previous count of burglary – all to be be served consecutively.

Tommy Brooks and Elaine Douglas

Tommy Brooks, 52, and Elaine Douglas, 51, were described as ‘parasitic’ after they claimed to be victims of the devastating fire in order to freeload a combined £125,000 in financial support.

The duo claimed they had lived on the 19th floor of the building but they had been staying with friends the night of the tragedy.

Douglas had claimed £67,125.35 and Brooks had received £58,396.89 in financial support after the fire as well as free hotel accommodation by the time their fraud was discovered by the authorities.

They were sentenced at the same court on July 13, with Douglas receiving three years imprisonment and Brooks receiving three years and three months.

Mohammed Gammota

Gammota pretended his dad died in the fire to get hundreds of pounds in cash and a free hotel stay, where he racked up a large room service bill.

The 31-year-old was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to two fraud charges in June this year.

He claimed he had been living on the 24th floor of the tower with his dad, who he pretended had died in the devastating fire.

In reality he was living with his mum in Croydon and his dad was living abroad.

To make his fraud more convincing, Gamoota researched a newspaper article about one of the 71 real victims of the fire, and used their name and details – pretending they were his dad – to make his claims for free hotel accommodation and cash sound more convincing.

He also made Internet searches using the words ‘Grenfell Tower Fraud’.

Gamoota was able to receive £500 in cash, although he had applied for £5,000 and he received £910 worth of free hotel accommodation over nine days, and a £354 room service bill.

He was sentenced to three years and two month’s imprisonment at the court.

Antonio Gouveia

Antonio Gouveia fraudulently claimed more than £50,000 after pretending to be a victim of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The 33-year-old homeless man came forward days after the disaster, claiming to have lived in Flat 42 on the seventh floor of the tower.

Gouveia claimed nine months free accommodation at a Marble Arch hotel, worth £155 a night, as well as £260 in emergency cash, a £249.99 Google Chromebook laptop.

His hotel stay alone was worth a total of £53,456.76.

The cash and hotel accommodation were given to him after he turned up at Westway Centre, a hub for the emergency efforts at the time of the fire.

The ‘disgusting’ fraudster was jailed for three years at Isleworth Crown Court on 6 September.

Joyce Msokeri

Posed as the widow of a fire victim to claim accommodation and goods worth £19,000.

The 47-year- old Londoner filled her free room at Kensington’s Hilton hotel with donated items including handbags and dresses.

When officials began to suspect she was lying, she told them she had just found out her husband had in fact survived and had been living in a cave in Margate, Kent, where he was fed by tourists.

In April, she was jailed for four-and-a-half years.

Yonatan Eyob

The 26-year-old nabbed £87,000 worth of cash and hotel accommodation after claiming he had lodged in a flat where a family of five died.

It is the largest sum scammed by any single Grenfell fraudster.

CCTV footage proved Eyob had never actually been in the block, and when cops raided the Hilton hotel room he had been given, they found a stash of MDMA and cocaine.

It lead to him being convicted of drug offences in addition to fraud. He was jailed for a total of six years and eight months on September 7.

Anh Nhu Nguyen

The 53-year-old was the first fraudster caught for falsely claiming he had lived in the tower.

He said he had lost his wife and son in the blaze – giving an elaborate account of his dramatic escape to Sky News.

The con artist, of Beckenham, South East London, was even comforted by Prince Charles at a meeting with victims.

He collected nearly £12,500 from charitable and council funds before being rumbled after giving multiple different flat numbers as his address.

Nguyen was jailed for 21 months after admitting fraud in February 2018.

Four Nigerian airlines sanctioned for irregularities


The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) says it has sanctioned four operators for violating the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations (NigCARs).
Sam Adurogboye, General Manager, Public Relations, NCAA, who made the disclosure on Sunday in Lagos, said that those sanctioned included both scheduled and non-scheduled operators. He did not name the operators.
Mr Adurogboye said three of the affected operators were to pay a fine ranging from N1.5 million to N2 million, while the fourth operator had its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) suspended for 180 days.
He said the affected operators were caught when NCAA Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) visited their premises.
According to him, a number of deficiencies, including non-implementation of training programmes for maintenance personnel as required and irregularities concerning Helicopter flight identification were discovered during the inspection.
“Also discovered were deliberate violation of the regulations, performing maintenance programme without necessary approval and the use of outdated manual.
“Adurogboye said that NCAA has directed that the maintenance personnel be trained immediately.
“NCAA wishes to assure all stakeholders that it will continue to ensure the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are strictly followed,” he said.

Breaking: Police reportedly arrest Badeh’s alleged killers

Suspects involved in the murder of Alex Badeh (retd.), the immediate past chief of defence staff are set to be paraded by the Nigeria Police Force. The suspects will be paraded at the headquarters of the NPF in Abuja on Thursday, December 27.
“We have made a breakthrough in the case and we’ve arrested suspects who will be paraded on Thursday,” a source told Punch. The former CDS was killed in the evening of December 18, 2018 while returning from his farm.
Meanwhile, security sources refuted reports that late Alex Badeh met with chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari Abba Kyari, in Aso Villa, three weeks before his death. A top security source said from available records, there was no evidence that Badeh visited Aso Villa in the last one month.
“For visitors to Aso Villa, there must be evidence of visit as there are daily records of activities such as signing of visitor’s register. “From our findings, there is no iota of truth in the report that the late Badeh visited Aso Villa in the last one month.
“We have checked all the security records and there is nothing to prove that the late Badeh visited Aso Villa,” the source said. Also, while reacting to the killing of the former defence boss, Dr. Ona Ekhomu, president of the Association of Industrial Security and Safety Operators of Nigeria (AISSON), urged the directorate of Air Provost of the Nigerian Air Force to lead investigation of the murder of the former defence chief.

Alex Sabundu Badeh (November 7, 1957 – December 18, 2018) was a four star flag officer of the Nigerian Air force who served as the 18th Chief of Air Staff and the 15th Chief of Defence Staff of the armed forces of Nigeria. He was shot dead on Tuesday, 18 December 2018.

More arrests made over murder of two Scandinavian women in Morocco

RABAT (Reuters) – Nineteen people have been arrested in the wake of the murder of two Scandinavian women last week in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, a security source familiar with the case said on Monday. 

A person leaves a painting in front of Denmark’s embassy in Rabat to honour Maren Ueland from Norway and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen from Denmark, who were killed in Morocco, in Rabat, Morocco December 22, 2018. REUTERS/Youssef Boudlal

They include the four main suspects in the crime and fifteen other people accused of having connections to the alleged killers, the source told Reuters, without giving further details. 

Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway were found dead early on Dec. 17 near the village of Imlil on route to Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak and a popular hiking and trekking destination. 

The four main suspects, aged between 25 and 30 years, had pledged allegiance to Islamic State in a video made three days before the bodies were found, but without agreeing this in advance with any foreign group, police and domestic intelligence spokesman Boubker Sabik said on the state 2M TV channel on Sunday.

He described the four men as “lone wolves,” adding that “the crime was not coordinated with Islamic State.” 

Electronic devices, an unauthorised hunting rifle, knives and materials that could be used for bomb-making were found during police raids. 

Compared with other countries in North Africa, Morocco has been largely insulated from militant attacks. The most recent took place in April 2011, when 17 people were killed in the bombing of a restaurant in Marrakech. In 2017 and 2018, Morocco dismantled 20 militant cells planning attacks in the country.

Police arrest suspected Boko Haram leader in Lagos


A suspected Boko Haram leader, who allegedly masterminded Kuje and Nyanya bombings of 2015, has been arrested in Lagos – The suspect, simply identified as Umar, was arrested on Thursday, December 20, by the inspector general of police intelligence team – A source claims Umar was the grand commander of the jailbreak of the prison in Niger state in early 2018 As the menace of insurgency continues to be one of the major concerns of Nigerians, government and security agencies, the inspector general of police intelligence team has arrested a suspected Boko Haram leader simply identified as Umar in Lagos. Punch reports that Umar, who was arrested on Thursday, December 20, is the most deadly and most wanted Boko Haram leader in Abuja, and the mastermind of the Kuje and Nyanya Abuja bombings of 2015. gathers that the suspect was also said to have been the grand commander of the jailbreak of the prison in Niger state in early 2018. READ ALSO: upgrades to a letter from our Editor-in-Chief Bayo Olupohunda A member of the team, who made the disclosure, said: “Umar is the most deadly and most wanted Boko Haram leader in Abuja, and the mastermind of the Kuje and Nyanya Abuja bombings of 2015, gang leader of Galadimawa Roundabout attack in which seven police officers were killed; Lugbe police officers killer; Gwagwalada area police killings, all in Abuja; overall commander of Edo and Ondo states multiple bank robberies, several killings in the Okene area of Kogi. Umar was arrested in Lagos by the inspector general of police intelligence team. Photo credit: Vanguard Source: Depositphotos “He was the grand commander of the jailbreak of the prison in Niger State early this year, during which he lost one of his eyes, while over 100 prisoners escaped. “The most wanted suspect was arrested by a special IRT team in Lagos today (Thursday) after he escaped with bullet wounds from Abuja three weeks ago when the IRT team arrested four of his gang members and recovered four AK-47 rifles and hundreds of ammunition. Today is one of the happiest moments of my life.” The arrest was confirmed by the Nigeria Police Force public relations officer, Jimoh Moshood. He said: “I am aware of some arrests made by the team. He is in police custody.”

War Crime: Former militia leader arrested for suspicion of war crime


A leading African soccer official was arrested Wednesday in France on charges of war crimes committed in the Central African Republic.

Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court (ICC) said Patrice Edouard Ngaissona was the most senior leader and “national general coordinator” of the anti-Balaka militia.

The ICC said that as the leader of the mostly Christian militia, Ngaissona was suspected of war crimes and crimes against humanity including murder, extermination, deportation, persecution, torture, attacking civilians and recruiting child soldiers.

The anti-Balaka militia was formed in 2013 to counter the Muslim Seleka rebels who seized control of the CAR capital, Bangui and ousted President Francois Bozize. The resulting civil war has killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands more.

Ngaissona is head of his country’s national soccer federation. In February, he was elected to the executive committee of the Confederation of African Football, the governing body for soccer on the continent, prompting many to think he was untouchable. But Lewis Mudge, senior researcher in the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch, said the arrest proved “even high-level figures implicated in grave crimes can be arrested to face justice.”

Amnesty International, which named Ngaissona and 19 others as possible war crimes suspects in 2014, called the arrest a “major step forward in the fight against impunity in the Central African Republic.”

Another anti-Balaka leader, Alfred Yekatom, was sent to the ICC at The Hague last month.

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has said the court is investigating all sides of the conflict, but so far, no Seleka rebels have been publicly charged.


Body of missing London beautician found buried 'in shallow grave' on her property in Jamaica


Victim: Karen Cleary had gone to Jamaica to build a dream home after living in Britain for 20 years

A beautician who went missing in Jamaica has been found dead by police in a “shallow grave” on her property, it was reported today.

Karen Cleary, 44, from Islington, disappeared on November 25, having travelled to the island to build a dream home for herself and partner Andy Kane. He alerted police after he and her family suddenly lost contact with her.

Mr Kane, 56, flew to the Caribbean on Saturday to help search for his girlfriend of 13 years. He had launched an online appeal for information. But today her body was found buried on her property in Boscobel, St Mary, with detectives set to question a labourer working on her home on suspicion of murder.

Mr Kane said he wished with “all my heart that it wasn’t true” but that the suspect was “in custody and he has confessed”. He said the world had turned “very dark indeed” following the killing of “my princess”.

The ‘dream’ home Karen Cleary was building in Jamaica

He said: “Since last Tuesday when I found out Karen Cleary was missing I’ve had a feeling that the freight train of reality was barrelling down the tracks towards me. Today it pains to say that train hit me hard. I am so sorry to pass on the news that today after a painstaking search by the Jamaican police team that the time for hope and optimism has unfortunately passed. Karen has now gone on to a better place.”

Mr Kane, a sales manager originally from Suffolk, added: “Karen has been that shining star in my world for over 13 years. That world has now turned very dark indeed. Please before you go to your bed tonight say a prayer for her to whatever God you pray to and also make sure you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you while you still have the chance.”

His older brother William, an architect, told the Standard that the family was in “complete devastation”. He said: “Karen was a lovely woman.”

Devastated: Andy Kane, Ms Cleary’s partner

He said the family wanted “quick justice” for her death.

Ms Cleary, a hairdresser and beautician, was born in Jamaica but had lived in Islington for almost 20 years. She was said to have been “very cautious” about where she went and understood the “dangers” in Jamaica.

It was reported that Ms Cleary was stabbed to death in an argument over the work at the property.

The suspect is alleged to have led police to the place on the property where her body was recovered.

Jamaica has twice as many murders as Britain each year, despite a population of just 2.9 million. The murder rate has been rising, and the Foreign Office has said that British nationals returning to resettle permanently are at a higher risk of being targeted by criminals. It warns visitors of the risk of armed robbery, murder and rape.

Man Who ‘Lost’ His iPhone Every Year Was Just Arrested in Malaysia

Aman who kept “losing” his iPhones was arrested after police found he wasn’t losing them at all.

It all started when a 34-year-old marketing manager (whose name has not yet been released) from Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia filed a police report indicating that he had been robbed by two men on a motorcycle near his mother-in-law’s house on Saturday.

The man claimed the robbers stole his iPhone XS Max, as well as his iPad Pro, MacBook Pro and other valuables. All in all, he said he lost an amount total to RM11,000 — about $2,618 — according to local media reports.

But officers reportedly sensed that something was “amiss” in the report. After a bit of digging, local police discovered what was really going on — the man had been filing similar reports of lost valuables about every year.

Enter to win an iPhone XS Max from iDrop News here.

“However, when we looked into his background, we found his prior police reports, which all had a similar pattern,” Central Seberang Perai police chief Nik Ros Nik Abdul Hamid said. “Every report showed he had lost an iPhone.”

Local police actually discovered that the man had been carrying out insurance fraud since at least 2013, when he filed his first suspicious report.

Under interrogation, the suspect admitted to selling iPhones and other Apple products on a popular internet forum. Once he sold them, he would report them as stolen in order to claim insurance money on it.

After it all was said and done, he would simply buy a new iPhone with the insurance money and pocket the rest he had made off the devices he had sold. In the latest case, he hadn’t even gotten around to getting rid of his MacBook Pro.

“We went to his mother-in-law’s house in Kampung Baru, Bukit Mertajam, and found his MacBook Pro, which was reported stolen, there,” Nik Ros told local media.

Comment1The man added that he sold his iPhone XS Max for about RM5,000, roughly $1,190 in U.S. currency. He said he sold a MacBook for about RM6,000, or about $1,427.82.

Smartphones are other devices have long been popular targets for those looking to defraud insurance agencies. Back in 2011, The Financial Times reported that an estimated 20 to 40 percent of all mobile phone insurance claims were fraudulent.

Evil spirit told me to kill my madam


A 14-year-old girl, Hannah (other name withheld) yesterday, confessed to killing her mistress, Mrs Helen Adodo, in her apartment fortnight ago, in Benin City, Edo State. Hannah gave an account of what transpired when the Edo State Police Commissioner, Johnson Kokumo, paraded 102 criminal suspects. She said on the fateful day, her mistress had asked her to give her a change of clothes because the ones she had on was smeared with kerosene. So she hurriedly did that and when she was done with it, her mistress asked for food and water to bath before she went to bed to sleep. But as she slept, Hannah said, some strange force took over her and forced her to go outside, pick a stone and kill her mistress in her sleep. “One of her friends usually comes around and when she does, she sends me on errands. This friend is used to visiting native doctors’ house. Sometimes after she has been to the native doctor’s place, she spends the night in our house. One time she asked me to accompany her but I refused. ‘‘That night, when my mistress asked me to put on the light around 12:00am, give her a change of clothes since the one she was wearing was smelling kerosene, I did and dropped the clothes with kerosene on the floor. She later asked me to prepare food and boil water for her to bath. So before I came out, her friend had gone to the native doctor’s house.

“That was when some uncontrollable force came upon me like a breeze. So I lost sense of what I was doing. I left the dishes I was supposed to wash and went straight to pick a stone from outside. I then went inside the room where my mistress was sleeping and hit her head with the stone and she died. “As soon as that happened, I scratched my head and turned around four times. That’s when I came back to my senses. When I discovered that I had killed her, I held her and began to cry.” The JSS II Itohan Girls Grammar School student, who was brought from Abuja to assist Mrs Helen Adodo (the deceased) said the spirit warned her not to tell anyone and that if she did, she will die.

Hannah, who has barely spent five months in Benin with her mistress, said she has never killed anybody before and that she regrets her action.

Hannah said she is in JSS II at Itohan Girls Grammar School and that she was brought from Abuja to assist the deceased.

She said the spirit warned her not to tell anyone and that if she does, she will die.

Police Commissioner, Babatunde Kokumo, said investigation was still on to ascertain whether other culprits were involved.