Breakthrough As Coronavirus Vaccine Has Been Nearly Developed, And Potentially To Saving Millions

Though the coronaviruscontinues to spread around the globe, causing widespread panic and market drops, there is some good news on the horizon after scientists in Israel announced that they were close to developing a vaccine. In a statement, Israeli research institute MIGAL claimed that they were “weeks” away from the medical breakthrough and hoped medication could be distributed worldwide within 90 days.

“Given the urgent global need for a human coronavirus vaccine, we are doing everything we can to accelerate development,” said MIGAL CEO David Zigdon, via Newsweek.

“Our goal is to produce the vaccine during the next eight to 10 weeks, and to achieve safety approval in 90 days. This will be an oral vaccine, making it particularly accessible to the general public,” he added.

Many in the health industry had not believed that a vaccine could be developed for several months, if not years. In fact, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and infectious Diseases claimed on CNN the day before the announcement that a vaccine would take “at least” a year to a year-and-a-half in the best case scenarios.

However, the MIGAL team had a fortunate a stroke of luck after completing effective pre-clinical trials of an Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) vaccine. Researchers noticed that the targeted virus acted incredibly similarly to the Coronavirus, and accordingly adjusted the IBV vaccine to target COVID-19.

Though still in the early stages, scientists are hopeful that the virus swap would open the possibility of “achieving an effective human vaccine in a very short period of time.”

Scientists are currently working on reaching the safety standards that would allow them to test the potential vaccine on living organisms.

“We are currently in intensive discussions with potential partners that can help accelerate the in-human trials phase and expedite the completion final product development and regulatory activities,” Zigdon claimed.

Following the announcement, the MIGAL team was praised on the “exciting breakthrough” by Ofir Akunis, Israel’s Minister of Science and Technology.

Over the past week, the coronavirus has continued its rapid spread from its origin nation of China to many other countries throughout the world. Over 83,000 people have been infected with the disease, and there have been than 2,800 deaths attributed to the virus.

With such a reach, a vaccine could save thousands of people, if not millions. As previously covered by The Inquisitr, the worst case scenario of the virus could reportedly claim as many as 150 million lives due to an “overloaded” medical system, according to a statistician. Fortunately, most estimates are much less pessimistic about the scale of the disease, and numbers of reported cases in the U.S. remain in the double-digits.

Coronavirus Crisis make a man believed to be a carrier shot dead in North Korea

A North Korean official that went from China and returned to his country was executed and shot dead after being suspected with the viral disease of Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. Is this how North Korea fights against the widespread of COVID-19?

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un pulls the gun trigger on anyone suspected with Coronavirus

North Korean Man ‘Shot Dead’ After Being Suspected With Coronavirus

On Feb. 13, the New York Post reported a suspected one case of Coronavirus located in the military country of North Korea. A North Korean official — that was not identified — came from the COVID-19 outbreak center China and went back to the country wherein he was quarantined before officially returning to North Korea.

Reports said that the official insisted on going to a public bathroom even while he was under quarantine. After this, the quarantined official was reportedly shot dead after risking the spread of the viral disease in the country.

Under the new rule of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, he vowed that anyone will leave the Coronavirus quarantine process without any permission from any officials would be “ruled by military law”– this means they will be executed on the spot once they got caught. 

Status of Coronavirus disease in North Korea and how people survive 

As of now, North Korea has not yet confirmed any positive cases of Coronavirus in their country– although they share an 880-mile-long border with China. However, South Korean news agencies reported that there are already alleged several and possible Coronavirus deaths in the country. Yet, the North Korean government seemed to be hiding it from the media. 

“They are clearly lying as they don’t want to show any weakness or that there is any threat to the regime,” said Harry Kazianis, director of Korean studies at the Center for National Interest in Fox News. “Considering how there are many porous sections of the North Korea-China border – and how the Kim regime depends on illegal trade to survive – it is clear the virus has come to North Korea.” 

Contrary to what most people believed in, North Korean health ministry official Song In Bom clarified last week that they are accurate that no North Korean citizen is diagnosed with the disease but said that they would come prepared if this viral disease comes in their country. 

“Just because there is no case of the new coronavirus in our country, we should not be too relieved, but have civil awareness and work together for prevention,” he said, according to Reuters. 

The capital of North Korea, which is Pyongyang, already released statements in their local media, saying that the country will be extending its quarantine process for 30 days. All North Korean citizens, officials, and foreigners are expected to follow the rules ‘unconditionally’– or else, the counter measurements might not look good for the victims.

Prince Harry Back in the UK, and Totally Unrecognizable!

Prince Harry is back in the United Kingdom, but he looks far from how he used to be when he was an active member of the royal family. 

The Return of a Prince

The Duke of Sussex was spotted at the Edinburgh Waverley Station wearing something too casual for a prince. Harry was wearing a pair of jeans, a black jacket, and a baseball cap while also carrying a small army green duffel bag. 

He arrived a day ahead of the travel conference he was invited as a special guest. The conference at the Scottish capital tomorrow aims to promote eco-tourism friendly holidays. 

It has only been less than two months since Harry and Meghan made the “Megxit” official through their Instagram account, but a lot has changed. And while they are still in the middle of negotiations as to the specifics of their desired “independence” from the royal family, it seems Prince Harry is now getting a taste of what life outside the royal family is truly like. 

The young prince returned home, this time, by train minus all the escorts and comfort of a grand welcome. The new-look of Prince Harry may shock everyone, but it surely leaves an impact on the prince himself.

While Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle might have made the announcement of their resignation as senior members of the family in January of this year, the two are still officially members of the monarchy until spring. 

Still a Royal

Prince Harry is back in the U.K. for one of his final engagements as a senior member of the royal family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expected to return for several royal engagements next week, which will be their first since they made their exit that shocked the world. 

The couple is expected to be in the Endeavour Fund Awards in London on March 5 while Prince William and Kate Middleton are in Ireland to attend a royal engagement as well. 

On Feb. 27, Prince Harry is expected to spearhead the launch of a scoring system where tourists can tell how eco-friendly their flights are. Though he has been severely criticized for all the gas-guzzling trips he has had since moving his family to Canada while working in the U.K., the 35-year-old royal remains to be one of the advocates to help save the environment. 

Is He Still Welcome?

While Prince William looks forward to seeing his brother back home whenever he pleases, he is secretly hoping that it will not be at the same time as his trip to Ireland. 

“It is not that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are jealous of the coverage that Harry and Meghan are going to get when they come back to the UK. but their tour of Ireland is considered an important one. He is hopeful it would get due media prominence,” a senior source from the Palace told The Sun.

The trip of Kate and William to Ireland will be the first tour carried out by the royals after Brexit. 

While the members of the royal family have private secretaries to ensure that important events that they attend to do not clash, in terms of schedule, the absence of staff for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the U.K. only makes their return a huge PR problem. 

“It is a nightmare as they no longer have control of when Harry comes and goes. The methods and protocols of the royal family could easily be broken to accommodate him,” The Sun source said.

50 cents has taunt Deontay Wilder Rivalry Again By Brutally Trolling Him Over Tyson Fury Loss

Rap legend 50 Cent has torn into Deontay Wilder in different social media posts after his sensational defeat to Tyson Fury.

Wilder, 34, suffered his first professional defeat and lost the WBC championship in his blockbuster rematch last Saturday.

And 50 Cent, who has had a heated rivalry with Wilder before, pulled no punches towards the ‘Bronze Bomber.’

The 44-year-old, real name Curtis Jackson, initially posted a photo of Fury hitting Wilder with a hard right and captioned his post: “Damn Blood, what about the gang. smh [sic].”

However, 50 Cent continued to mock former WBC champ Wilder in two separate comments on his post.

The rapper-turned-actor posted: “damn Boy i just hope he ain’t hurt. Verified I WANT A REMATCH, THIS TIME NO LED LIGHTS FUCK THIS [sic].”

Only a day after his initial post and 50 Cent would continue his all-out attack on Wilder’s performance against Fury.

The American rap star posted a photo of Wilder being overpowered by Fury alongside a Martin Lawrence meme.

He wrote in a message to his 25.3m followers: “come on man y’all can’t do my Boy like this [sic].”

Jackson had an intense rivalry with Wilder in 2018 after he posted Instagram videos about his exchange with Jarrell Miller.

According to HotNewHipHop, the rap legend claimed that Miller wanted to fight the KO artist and revealed that Wilder is ‘with a girl that Miller used to be with.’

While 50 Cent has since removed the videos from Instagram, he wasted no time in posting one of his current Instagram digs on Twitter as well.

Transgender man‘s vagina Removed without consent, 2 Doctors get sacked

Two doctors had their licenses suspended after removing a transgender man’s vagina in London without his consent, according to a report.

Not real one used to carry out the surgery

Dr. Marco Capece and Dr. Giulo Garaffa were found guilty in connection to the irreversible procedure on a transgender man — who didn’t discover until a week after the October 2016 surgery that his vagina was removed, Metro UK reported Tuesday.

The patient, who wasn’t identified, said that he went in for two other procedures in his gender assignment process — a hysterectomy and a metoidioplasty, an operation that gave him a penis.

But he claims he never consented to the third procedure — a vaginectomy — that he received at Highgate Private Hospital.

Capece is accused of altering a form to say that the patient gave his consent, while Garaffa performed the procedure without checking that the man wanted the operation, the court heard.

Both doctors were found guilty on misconduct charges, the outlet reported.

Capece had his license suspended for a year and Garaffa was handed a five-month suspension.

China Ban citizens from eating live animals in the wake of coronavirus

’s leaders have launched an immediate ban on selling and eating wild animals, in a fast-track decision to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Within hours of the crackdown being announced by the National People’s Congress – China’s top level of parliament – authorities started closing down markets across the country selling species ranging from badgers, deer and peacocks to turtles, pangolin and civet cats.

The ban marks a major shift in the country’s attitude to selling and eating animals caught from the wild. Most towns and cities in the country have one or more wild animal markets.

Experts say citizens are so worried about the rapid spread of coronavirus that they will help police the ban, by posting on social media photos and information on any traders breaching it.

However, trade in pigeons, rabbits and quail, bred for consumption rather than taken from the wild, is still allowed.

11 year old gave birth to her brother in the Bathhub

An 11-year-old child reportedly gave birth to a baby in the family’s bathtub.

The parents and the girl’s brother have been arrested.

The parents are facing charges of child endangerment and the 17-year-old brother is being charged with incest, statutory rape, and statutory sodomy.

The hospital called the police when a newborn baby was brought in with the umbilical cord and placenta still attached.

The father lied to authorities and said that the baby was his. He said that his mistress who he impregnated dropped the baby off at his house.

However later, he recanted that story and admitted the child belonged to his 11-year-old daughter and that his son was the father of the newborn.


Three relatives of an 11-year-old girl who gave birth in the bathtub of her suburban St. Louis home are facing criminal charges.

Lesbia Cante and Francisco Javier Gonzalez-Lopez each face a charge of child endangerment, while Norvin Leonidas Lopez-Cante, 17 is charged with incest, as well as statutory rape and statutory sodomy of a child younger than 12.

All three live in St. Charles, Missouri.

Police started investigating after Gonzalez-Lopez brought an infant to a hospital on Feb. 11.

In an interview with detectives, KSDK reports that Gonzalez-Lopez told police that the father of the child was his son, Lopez-Cante, and that the mother was the teen’s 11-year-old relative.

Charging documents said the baby still had the umbilical cord and placenta attached and had a body temperature of just 90 degrees. [WSLS]

Thank God these people actually brought the baby to the hospital. You hear this sick and twisted story from this demented family and you imagine a much more grisly ending.

It’s also fair to note that the father has been previously deported, but of course, returned illegally back into the United States.

The parents claim they were not aware that their daughter was being raped by their son. Meanwhile, the “brother” told investigators that he’s had sex with his sister about “100 times.”

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Where on Earth

Mauritanian’s depth and strategies towards Sahel terrorists

Mauritania will on Tuesday take over the rotating presidency of the G5 Sahel, which coordinates the anti-jihadism fight of five countries in the region.

“Mauritania is a player which was able to overcome terrorism in 2011,” said a French source. “We expect a lot from their presidency.”

To Mauritania’s east, the death toll in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso has been rising inexorably, but this largely desert country of four million has not experienced an attack in almost nine years.

In this article, we highlight some of the strategies employed by Mauritania to achieve this feat.

Unity against a common enemy

In 2005, Islamist groups expanded in Algeria, a neighbour to the north, and Mauritania began to come under attack.

In 2008, the former head of presidential security, General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, took power by force and a year later was elected president.

Any qualms that Western countries had about his rise to power were put to one side.

Given the numbers of Mauritanians in emerging jihadist groups in northern Mali, the sense was “the jihadist threat could spread to Mauritania,” said a French expert, speaking on condition of anonymity.

France and, to a lesser extent, the United States began sending instructors to support anti-terrorist units and strengthen Mauritanian intelligence.

Increased military spending

The Mauritanian authorities, for their part, began investing in training and retaining soldiers.

Military spending increased, providing better and newer equipment, and soldiers’ pay was paid directly into the bank rather than through officers, and soldiers were given social benefits.

Effective border policing

Today, that programme to boost military morale and competence has borne fruit, as shown in the tight policing of the border, a notorious weak point in the other Sahel countries.

Dozens of checkpoints have been installed on every major highway, and a huge buffer region bordering Mali has been classified a “military zone” barred to civilians.

“Any car driving there would be spotted and checked,” said Hassane Kone, researcher at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) think tank in Dakar.

The measure has enabled the authorities to nab armed gangs of cannabis traffickers, he said.

VHF radios installed in tents along the Mauritanian border are used by locals to warn the authorities every time an outsider passes by. The radio is a simple but effective link in a security system which, combined with grassroots work, has helped shield Mauritania from the Sahel’s escalating jihadist peril.

Winning the mind games

At the same time, Nouakchott launched a battle of the minds, to deter vulnerable young people from joining the jihadists.

In 2010 a dialogue between leading Muslim scholars and around 70 jailed jihadists caused around 50 of the detainees to repent.

Some were sent to talk on television and in mosques, preaching to young people about the perils of jihad.

More than 500 imams were recruited and youngsters were offered vocational training after they left Islamic schools, giving them the chance of earning a living.

“We saw a sharp drop in jihadist recruitment at this time,” said Kone.

“People are less accommodating to radical ideas, and the public is working more with the state.”

In January, Mauritania’s current president, Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, former chief of staff and ex-right-hand man of Aziz who stepped down last year, praised what he called this “spiritual opening.”

“Anchoring the values of tolerance and acceptance of others (opens the way) to breaking down and destroying the religious basis of terrorist activity,” he said.

Dealing with the economics

Going hand in hand with these ideological and security missions was the task of spurring economic activity and providing local services.

This is one of the biggest challenges in other Sahel countries, where poverty and the vacuum of the state have given the jihadists golden opportunities.

Hence, out of the desert sprang a string of new towns, Nbeiket Lahwach, Termessa, Bouratt and Chami.

“The point is to occupy the ground, to say to the nomadic populations which did not feel they had a place in the state: ‘Your country takes care of you, protects you, cares for you, educates your children’,” said Isselmou Ould Salihi, a Mauritanian journalist who specialises in jihadist issues.

Negotiating with terrorists?

The absence of attacks on Mauritanian soil, as well as statements made in the United States, has fuelled suggestions that a secret non-aggression pact exists between Nouakchott and the jihadists.

The US claimed to have found documents in 2011, in the Pakistani cache where former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed, that mentioned an attempt at rapprochement between the group and the Mauritanian government in 2010.

“Nothing has ever corroborated these rumours, they are false,” says a source close to the government.

A western diplomat told AFP, “there’s no deal, although obviously there are historic and tribal links between the inhabitants of northern Mali and Mauritania.”